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Annual Licensing scheme

Question asked by lowededwookie on Dec 8, 2013


Annual Licensing scheme

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     Hi, having been a very happy and long time Bento user I've decided to stick with FileMaker and go Pro with every intent of developing database systems for customers.

     I would like to purchase Server and Pro Advanced but the cost is quite high. But that's when I discovered the annual licensing scheme which seems to make it more affordable. Before I make the plunge though I would like to know a couple of things.

     Can I pay monthly or do I have to do an upfront payment? I can do monthly easily but not a full annual payment.

     How easy is it to upgrade this with different licenses when need comes about?

     How many people can connect to the server. My understanding is that for every copy of FileMaker Pro you get a connection to the server but for everyone connecting via web browser or iOS device you need to purchase a connection license. Am I correct in this understanding?

     Thanks for your assistance.