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Any way to create a Script for "On Record Creation"?

Question asked by RobertRanney on Jun 10, 2014
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Any way to create a Script for "On Record Creation"?

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     Our webpage asks that visitors submit information which is submitted to a new FileMaker record, then notifies a static e-mail address at our company that such a record has been created, which lets us know to send out an e-mail thanking the user for visiting our website.

     What we are looking to do is automate the process, so that the script grabs their e-mail address and sends out an auto-response rather than waiting on a manual response to be generated.

     This would seem to be ideally done with script triggers, but there is no script trigger for "on record creation". It would seem like "on object modify" might work as well (for when the visitor clicks submit), but I haven't been able to figure out how to tie the two together.

     We are on FM11. Any help would be appreciated. Anybody???