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    At remote computer -- Containers not showing pdfs (Mac).



      At remote computer -- Containers not showing pdfs (Mac).

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           Hello Forum:

           We are a 5 user group, and we use a set of databases with an average of 150-300 records each, each separate record includes an internally-saved pdf, often multiple pages, sometimes 75-100 pages per pdf.  These interactive containers all work great at the server site, or at remote computers located at the server site.  However, at remote sites, e.g., laptop connection, home computers, for the past 3 to 4 weeks, we can see the records, and the records still name the container the name of the pdf, but the actual pdf is not visible at all - no image, no interactive, just a hole. Our backup copies were copied to dropbox as a test, and they work just fine, it is only when synced through the server that the problem occurs.

           If the containers had never worked, I would blame it on the slow upload speed of the server host, but that does not seem to be the case. Macs at both server and remotes, Latest mountain lion IOS. We feel like we have tried everything.

           Can you think of any setting to tweek to get these database containers back to full function?