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Attachments using FM Server 10

Question asked by dradavies on Aug 8, 2009
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Attachments using FM Server 10

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I wonder if anyone can offer some help or advice. We have been using FM Pro for a couple of years for a college student records database. We've shared the file using Dropbox between two staff members, and that has worked well though been a bit risky. We now need to share the database between five different people. I tried IWP but that wouldn't let me do a couple of the things I really needed so just purchased and installed FM Server 10, which is working great in terms of sharing ... but won't let me do one really essential function, and that is to attach a layout to an email as a PDF. We have all kinds of different layouts such as transcripts and offer letters which, using FM Pro, we'd just write scripts for to 'mailmerge' with the student data, save it as PDFs, and then generate individual emails to the students. I would not have dreamt for moment that FM Server could not generate PDFs in this way as seems to be the case. This really makes the system unusable for us. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we might get round this? Any plugins or the like? My scripting ability is minimal and I have no PHP knowledge, so if anyone can talk me through it I'd be very grateful indeed.




Andrew Davies