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    Authentication failed



      Authentication failed

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      Why to I get warnings on the Server Admin everytime someone logs in?  It appears that they are logging in correctly and they gain access, but the admin shows "Client "XXXXXXX (Computer Name) [IP Address]" authentication failed on database "File Name" using "Admin [fmapp]"

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          • Is "File Name" the database they are successfully connecting to? 
          • Do you get this with users with [Full Access]

          I haven't had this problem but when I run into Privilege issues I will

          1. Duplicate the Privilege set and apply it to myself.
          3. Add permissions to the duplicated set until the problem goes away.

          This will usually help me identify the problem. 

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            Thanks for the reply and I will try your suggestion.  Yes, file name is the database I am connecting too.

            At the moment everyone has [Full Access], I haven't even begun to figure out security.

            Wish me luck

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              I get this message occasionally in the Admin Console even after the login (could be any client machine)  has gone without incident. It's a bug as far as I know. However, it's a case of faulty reporting rather than something with any other consequence.