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    Auto fill Container fields Possible????



      Auto fill Container fields Possible????

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      Hi all,

      Have a form which has 3 scanned signatures put on if they are needed.These are the graphics i want to insert to the container field. I have it working at the moment in the sense when i click a button the the graphic i want comes up.Problem is i have to selec the name then click the button.

      So i have a field with name (only 3 names) Just wondering is it possible to select my name and have the graphic come up when it is selected.A script being triggerred or something. Say NAME 1= GRAPHIC SIGNATURE 1, NAME 2= GRAPHIC SIGNATURE 3 ETC

      Thanks for help!

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          If the images are in three records in a related table, where you related the table by Name (or an ID number--which is better), to your original table, then you can place the container field directly on your layout and the correct image will appear when you choose a name in the main table's key field.

          You can also define calculation fields with a return type Container that can be used. The IF or Case function in the calculation field can then specify different container fields by name, but I doubt you need that here.

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            Just one other question..the container field is that coming from the table the images are in?

            i just keep getting index missing from the container field when its on the trelated table layout, i related 1 container field to the name in the other table.. have i done something wrong?

            Thanks for help

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              Say you have these three records in the related table:

              Name | ContainerfieldForSignature
              Joe    | Joe's signature image
              Jim    | Jim's signature image
              Fred   | Fred's signature image

              This relationship:

              MainTable::Name = Signatures::Name

              Then I can place the container field from Signatures on my MainTable layout. When I select a name in MainTable::Main, I should see the matching signature image for the selected name. (I used name fields for simplicity. I might use ID numbers in the real system depending on what other tables and data I already have in my system.) Note that this signature image table can serve as the source for a value list of your signature people.

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                Hi Phil,

                I created 2 fields on the signature table. name(text) and signature(container). so Joe's name is on the record with joes signature and so on. i then related name on the signature table to name on the main table. But it didnt work nothing came up when i selected the names from the drop down list.

                However after a bit i got one working but only one. The first name in the first record in the signature table. So when i selected joe..Joe's signature came up. But the other two didnt what am i missing?

                Greatly appreciate the help thanks

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                  It's a pretty simple set up, so it's hard to imagine from here what might be wrong. Are both name fields of type text? Do the namesin the name fields in the lookup table exactly match the names you are entering in the main table?. Are you using a field with a drop down that displays names but enters ID numbers?

                  Just throwing out some ways I can think of that might affect this.

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                    Hi Phil well i double checked everything and went through it again and it seems to be working fine now.Just one more question thiough.

                    You see the purpose of the signatures is that if there is someone out and somethigng needs to be signed by them the graphic signature can be used.However if the signatures are not needed is there a way to not print the names when the form is being printed like a dialog box that says

                    ''print signatures?'' if no the names are there but the signatures arent,

                    Sorry for the confusion thanks for your help/

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                      You could have two layouts, one that shows the signature fields and one that does not. Your dialog would then be part of a script that selects the appropriate layout for printing. Of course, given that we are using a relationship to show the signature in the first place, you script could also just temporarily disable the relationship by clearing the key field that links your record to the signature record, then puts the value back after printing, but that might be a bit risky if your system ever went down in the middle of setting up to print, it could lose the signature link completely...