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Auto-start databases after unattended computer restart?

Question asked by DagCrumb on Jul 3, 2014


Auto-start databases after unattended computer restart?

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     On a mac network that has several File Maker Pro 9 clients and one File Maker Pro 9 file server computer, I tried changing the IP of the server (to a diff subnet, for a few reasons), then rebooted it.   Then I discovered that on the client computers, the FMP9 "Open Remote File" box wasn't listing any hosts, so there were no files to open. I thought it was related to the IP change, so I restored the IP settings back to what they were before. But still, no hosts.

But as soon as I opened a database file on the file server computer, the host appeared in the "Open Remote File" box, on the client computers. And several files were shown as available. 


So my question is:

(1) Shouldn't the FMP9 server computer be configured so that it makes the databases available after rebooting, without any user input? (IE automatically)

(2) Can I get a link for the instructions how?

(3) For the time being, when I have to open the database files manually, will opening ONE database make all the database files available, or do all the database files have to be loaded in FMP9 server?