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    Automated Email Script Help



      Automated Email Script Help

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      I am trying to create a automated email script to send the records found to multiple email addresses. For Example... I go inside my Client DB and search for all clients state =PA  a want to send those records found to  my field reps

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          This is a question better asked in the FM Pro Forum.

          In what form do you want to send those "records found"? As text in the body of the email? As an attached PDF report? As a snapshot link? (Requires that they have access to your database.) Or some other format?

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            Sorry About the double posting.. I thought you wanted me to repost it under the FM PRo Forum..    The above question  I want to send it as a PDF and as a text within the body of the  email

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              And apologies back at you. I remembered reading this post, but not that it was posted here. I was mainly suggesting FM Pro for any future questions you might have on other issues where you are trying to use FileMaker Pro.

              As a PDF, you can use a Variable to compute a filepath to which to save your pdf. Then use Save as PDF to generate the PDF of the found records, saving it to the filepath in the variable. Then you can use Send Mail to set up the email sent from the script. To attach the PDF, click the attachments check box in this dialog and enter the name of the FilePath variable you defined at the start of the script.

              This thread describes saving a PDF to a filename and location contained in a variable: 

              Found Sets to PDF with unique file names

              FileMaker generated emails are strictly plain text, so you cannot include a report from a layout inside the body of the email. There are email plug ins that offer more options for that type of email.

              You can set up a calculation where a plain text "table" of data from the found set is included in the email body. Your script can use Copy All Records to copy all the data from the current layout's fields for the entire found set to the clip board. Your script can then switch to a different layout where you have a text field that you will refer to in the body of your email. Paste the copied text into this field and the entire block of data can then be included as plain text in the body of the email.