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Automated MSSQL query...

Question asked by JohnParker on Oct 26, 2012


Automated MSSQL query...

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     Hey all...

     We are building a project/process database for our digital signage arm. The front end for the users will be web based. Knowing that I cannot have SQL query driven scripts on the web side, I would like to tie a SQL automation to the database that would run nightly and populate the Customer table so that the data is always fresh for the users.

     I have setup the system DSN on the Filemaker 12 Advanced Server and it is communicating just fine with my SQL box. The issue I am having is, I do know know where to impliment the automation, let alone how. I know how to do something similar if the ODBC connector is running on my system, but this will be running on the server.


     Any help would be appreciated.


     Thank you.  JP