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    AVG 2012 detecting installation files as a virus



      AVG 2012 detecting installation files as a virus

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      I'm a little concerned because AVG has determined that the setup files for FileMaker 12 is some type of Java Exploit.  On the file server which has the fms_12.0.178.exe setup file and the subsequent extracted folder it reported 496 threats all associated with the java files within.  It could very well just be a false positive but a little leery now.  Anyone notice this?

      For instance a couple examples

      fms_12.0.1.178.exe:\FileMaker Server 12\32-bit\Data1.cab:\ulc_base_client.jar:\com\ulcjava\base\client\ClientInfo.class

      FileMaker Server 12\64-bit\Data1.cab:\http.jar:\org\a\b\a\d.class

      Virus found Java/Exploit