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Backing up to another server

Question asked by on Dec 26, 2013
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Backing up to another server

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     I want to backup Filemaker 13 Server running on Windows platform  to a different server (in the network) on Windows Platform and I am having trouble with the path..I can backup to different drives on the same computer but when I try to send it to the other server it doesn't find it. I enabled sharing on the other server folder with read/write privileges.....This is the path that works on Main server  filewin:/D:/FilemakerBackup/  but I want to backup to the other sever   I have tried  filewin://ComputerName/H:/Filemaker13backup/   and   filewin:/ComputerName/H:/Filemaker13backup/  and finally  filewin://ComputerName/Filemaker13backup/ 

     If anyone can lead me in the right PATH it would be greatly appreciated