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Backing up to iDisk (MobileMe) from Filemaker Server 11 hosted database

Question asked by StephenJones on Oct 31, 2010
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Backing up to iDisk (MobileMe) from Filemaker Server 11 hosted database

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Dear All,

I have until now been running a database using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11, sharing it between various machines using iDisk.  Problems with iDisk synchronising led me to install Filemaker Server 11 instead (standard, not advanced).  I now keep the database on my work computer but tend to access it from home or from my laptop when I'm out and about.

Sometimes, however, I need to be able to access files when I'm off-line (poor internet access etc).  Ideally, I would like to continue backing-up to my iDisk every night so that there is a reasonably up-to-date copy of the database available on each of my computers.  (I have Macs, so iDisk saves a local copy for off-line access using iDisk Sync.)

However, when I try to persuade the Filemaker Server 11 (which is also a Mac and also has a local copy of iDisk on its desktop) to back-up to iDisk, it just says "invalid path".  

Does anyone know:

(a) whether it's possible to back-up to iDisk (either the local copy or directly onto the "cloud" copy itself);

(b) if so, what the file path would be for doing so? (I've tried using the path which comes up under "get info" and that didn't work.

Many thanks in advance!