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Backing up to Xserve RAID

Question asked by JDog on Feb 13, 2009


Backing up to Xserve RAID

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I'm running FileMaker Server 8 on a Xserve G5 Cluster Node (one hard drive bay).  Our database is ~8GB.  It currently backs up onto into its own hard drive, and takes >8 minutes.  During this time the database stalls, and our clients just get the spinning wheel of death.  So I bought new hard drives for an Xserve RAID that we have lying around, connected it to the Xserve Cluster Node through a fibre channel, hoping that we can backup onto the Xserve RAID, which is configured as a RAID 5.  I've created a folder on the RAID, made fmserver and fmadmin as the owner/group respectively, given both of the read/write permission, and I'm still geting the "Not a valid path" error.


So my question is:  Can I use an Xserve RAID as a back up device?


Backing up onto the same drive as the production copy is too slow, and it also wears out the hard drive.  Backing up onto an external media will be faster, and backing up onto the RAID through a fibre channel will be screamingly fast.  I'm hoping that there's some way for me to tell FMS to use the RAID.


If there's absolutely no way for FMS8 to use the RAID, can FMS9 or even FMS10 use it?


Thanks in advance!