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Backup causing slow performance

Question asked by alex.hellier on Aug 10, 2009
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Backup causing slow performance

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Hi All


I've just built a brand new server to host our filemaker solution on. Specs are


Dual Core Xeon 2.33


Mirrored Raid HD for the OS

External RAID comprising

Highpoint RAID CARD

Windows 2008 Server 32bit 

Filemaker 10 Advance Server 

2 x RAID 5 Arrays.


Now the server really belts the data out for normal requests and use, but as soon as the backup schedule kicks in performance really crawls along for the users, even getting spinny beach balls and hour glasses.


The Data is kept on the first RAID 5 array and on the backup schedules copies over to the second array. All held via the same RAID Card.


This is pretty much the same set up as we had previously with FM9 server on a less powerful machine, less powerful RAID card and you didnt notice the backup


We have turned consitency check off and this makes the backup take approx 11mins for 15GB.  


Does anyone have any ideas?