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    Backup path not valid



      Backup path not valid

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           I use Filemaker Server 12 and I'm trying to change my Backup path to the Administrators Documents folder so it's part of my regular offsite backup routine.  Everytime I change it and validate it says NOT A VALID PATH.  I've tried changing it on the scheduled backup itself and on the default backup folder with the same results.

           I'm using the following as my path.  filewin:/C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/

           What am I doing wrong?  It won't let me go to the next screen if it doesn't validate.

           Thanks to anyone who can help me.


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               You need to give it full access to the folder. I'm not quite sure how to do this in Windows, but if you give access to this folder to "All", it will work. (I'm not sure if this is a good idea to share Administrator/Documents this way; I'd rather use a separate folder for this.)