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Backup Path Not Valid

Question asked by Gregx on Dec 11, 2008
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Backup Path Not Valid

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 I am Running FM Server 9 . Since upgrading the OS  to  Leopard  Server the Filemaker  schedule backup  seems to be limited to this path " filemac:/Boot/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/" If I add one more folder to the end of the path it becomes invalid, or  the path is valid but the Run status for the backup  says "permission denied"   

In OS10.4 I solved the problem my resetting the access permissions to the specific backup folders, but that is not working with Leopard.

Current permissions for FM server Data and Backup folders  are fmserver R/W and fmsadmin R/W . I have reset permissions on these folders several times with no luck. Am I stuck with this backup path? Is there a way to add to it?  Any help would be much appreciated.                                                                                                                             Thanks                                                                                            Gregx