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Backup path not Valid -

Question asked by RajeshCandamourty on Dec 27, 2011
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Backup path not Valid -

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I went through couple of the postings that talk about this, but looks like I have a strange case - 

I am also trying to setup a different path other than the default OS path for backups. I ran the below commands to make the folder have all the FMServer permissions through the Terminal - 

sudo chown fmserver <database folder path>

sudo chgrp fmsadmin <database folder path>

After I ran the above commands, I could only see fmserver added with R/W and could not find fmsadmin. But if I check the default database folder I could see fmsadmin and fmserver with R/W permissions.

The database resides on a Mac Server running 10.5.8.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for the help - Smile