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Backup Problem with FMSA10

Question asked by ronhofius on Jul 20, 2009
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Backup Problem with FMSA10

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I had an extended power outage over the weekend which took my servers down.  I was going to simply revert to my Friday evening backup, since no database activity has occurred since then.  I have a daily backup set up, and I get an e-mail from it every day saying it completed successfully.  The status on the console also says it completed successfully.  The actual files in my backup folder, however, are dated July 1 -- the day before I updated to server 10.  I reviewed everything, and it's all configured properly as far as I can tell.  The upshot is that it sends me a message each day saying it is happily creating a daily backup, but no backup is being performed.  Anyone ever see this?  Is this a known issue?  Pretty disturbing one.


The only thing I can see that was in any way wierd was that the path name in my FMSA10 backup path directory was all lower case, and the actual path on the server had a couple capital letters.  I have changed that and will test it.  The little validation step, however, validated the path as it was, and all messages indicated a successful backup.


Fortunately, my databases all came up fine, but had they been corrupted by the power outage, this one would have been pretty ugly.