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    Basic server startup question



      Basic server startup question

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           I have installed fm server 13 trial on my iMac (OSX 10) and have run it successfully. However, when ever I re-boot the Mac, I am no longer able to open it in a browser. browser shows message "safari can not open the page because safari can not connect to the server 'localhost'". I have a static IP. I have repeatedly verified this ip from different devices to ensure it is correct. I am trying to access it via the desktop icon, localhost or https:// IP :16001 and other ways mentioned in the startup guide. Re-installing and deploying usually works but there has got to be something I'm not doing correctly. Any ideas or suggestions?


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               Hi Mike,

               The connection using IOS seems a little glitchy. I'm not using static address but was still able to connect if I ignored the wrong address produced by FMP and simply used the one the device says it has. Not sure what is happening in your deployment, maybe something as simple as a manual addressing error. That said, you shouldn't have to enter the address manually, if you have properly set up the server, it should populate as a server option on your client. If not, try resetting your router. 

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                 Michael Emond:


                 Thank you for the post. 


                 "iMac (OSX 10)"


                 Does that mean you are installing FileMaker Server 13 to Mac OS X beta software?


                 The following knowledge base article lists all the tested and supported operating systems for FileMaker Server 13:


            System Requirements for FileMaker Server 13


                 "Operating systems not listed in the table" in the article "above have not been tested and are not supported."



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                   Thanks for your replies. I actually was able to solve the issue finally by shutting off my Mac's wifi and forcing the use of the cat 5 connection. Even though the mac said it was using the correct static IP before, somehow with all other options shut off it seems to be working after reboot. I don't know enough about the topic to offer any insight on why this worked but I'm content not to poke the bees nest.

                   Thanks again