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Best approach for creating automated XML export

Question asked by jlk4p on Mar 3, 2009


Best approach for creating automated XML export

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I'm getting ready to work on a process to get data out of a FileMaker Pro 9 database. The goal is to set up a process to export selected records in an XML standard for image metadata (in my case VRA Core). I'm wondering what people have done in the past with generating XML from FM 9. I was thinking of using FM 9's PHP API to make the process web based. The other option is to build the process into the FM Pro database using the FM ScriptMaker features, but I'm not sure how robust this would be for linking tables grabbing different fields for use in exporting as XML. Any thoughts on the best way to do custom XML exporting would be appreciated.

FYI, I've not worked with FM version 9 before. I've been working with version 6 and have done most of my automation using AppleScript and used FX.php once for some work with FM 6. I would like to avoid using AppleScript now so that the automation process set up can be platform independent.


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