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Question asked by CDCASA on Feb 21, 2012


Best practices question

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Hi, I have a question about a problem I am having regarding my use of both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server simultaneously. Since you cannot use both programs on the same computer I have each on a separate computer (FM Server is set up all on one machine in the single machine configuration and FM Pro is on its own computer as well). My issue is that I am the database administrator so I am the sole person to make changes to the database EXCEPT for on one layout portion of the database where some users have the privilege sets allowing them to edit and change the layout and its records. I cannot make changes through the Server computer since that is just a host computer with just the Server interface so I use the development machine that has FM Pro on it to make changes. However, when my other users access the database they are accessing the database that is on the Server (users access my database from remote locations and none use the FM Pro software, I launch everything through Instant Web Publishing).

Currently, I have it so that whenever I make changes to the database I save the file on the development computer that has FM Pro on it since that is where I am making the changes but when the other users that have the ability to make changes to one particular layout and its records make changes that only changes the database that is being hsted on the Server computer. I am trying to figure out the best method for avoiding this because I will either have a database with only my changes on it or only the users changes on it and that is unacceptable.

I was thinking of putting the layout that other users can configure in a separate file altogether and creating a link to that file rather than my current setup of having a link to that layout within the same file but I have never done this before and it raises many other questions for me. I am sure there is a proper way to accomplish having congruity between the FM Pro and FM Server computers so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!