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    Best way to make upgrades to multiple database



      Best way to make upgrades to multiple database

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           I am somewhat new to FileMaker. I have completed a couple projects and I am taking over the management for a customer’s DBs. They have two databases on two different servers. The structure, UI, scripts are all the same. The data is different because it is used to track sales at different companies. Is there an easy way to update only the UI and scripts? I would like to be able to make changes locally on my system and then import those changes to the two servers.

           My best thought at this point is to write a script that exports all the data and then reimports it into the new version. This is scary to me since any mistake could mean the loss of company critical information. How do most people deal with this type of problem?

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               You don't need to export, just import. You can set up a script that imports all the data from all the tables in the old copy into an empty copy of the new. You do have to take the file offline so that no changes are made while the data is being imported to make sure that all data in the new version is complete.

               And it is a very good idea to take back up copies of your files and run your script, then make exhaustive tests on the result before doing it 'for real' on your client's current copy of the file.

               In addition to importing data, any fields that auto-enter a serial number should also have their 'next serial value' updated in the same script.

               In the future, you might split these files into interface and data files--which is called the Convert to Seperation Model, to reduce the instances where you need to import data from one file to another.