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Best way to setup Filemaker for Server Web search

Question asked by StephenJK on Jan 31, 2014


Best way to setup Filemaker for Server Web search

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     After many years of using Filemaker Pro 4 for personal use, I have the opportunity to use Filemaker 13 Pro, Advanced and Server at work for multiple users.

     I'm setting up a database for casual users that will list inventory items from different departments and locations.  Each department will have data fields that are particular to the type of work they do.  All records will have a unique inventory or asset number.

     I understand that this can be done with a single or multiple tables, and appreciate there are pros and cons with each. Alternately, separate files can be developed and a search done with a multiple file lookup.  

     The fields that are unique to any department would not be used for any search - a search would be with fields common to all items.  (The additional fields would include notes, engineering drawing numbers, performance tests, etc.)

     Before I get too far into this, my concern is whether there is any approach that would be preferable for use with Filemaker Server?  

     The intent is for any of our field project personnel to search a web page hosted by Filemaker Server to look for an item using key words or to view all of the entries in a database file.

     Any suggestions for a long-term approach for usability would be appreciated.  I'm just not clear on all the ways that Server can be used for people to search from a web page.

     If necessary, we can setup Server with tabs so that a search could be with one area, but I would prefer if a search would be with all of the stored information.