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BROKEN - FMSA10 admin console / Java update / now what?

Question asked by gsainc on May 23, 2011
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BROKEN - FMSA10 admin console / Java update / now what?

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Ok, so we all know that the latest Java update breaks the Filemaker Server 10 Admin Console. Also am I correct to understand that short of an entire OS reinstall I cannot get back to a working Java version under Mac/Snow Leopard?

Not only this but I have read the 'HELP' documentation and this post:

Which both say that we cannot command line start and stop the web publishing aspect of FMSA10. So now I am left with the following issue. Every saturday our server shuts down for one hour and reboots. Upon reboot all server functions start up including FMSA10. For the past five weeks the web publishing aspect of FMSA10 has not restarted successfully and I have to go into the Admin Console and then click on the stop web publishing then click start web publishing. This is an issue because I have had to leave work to borrow a friends old(not updated computer), bring it into our LAN and run the admin console from there because all of the computers in out office have been updated to the new Java version that breaks the admin console. I have asked that my friend does not update his machine but that i sort of absurd. We need a fix here. Our business suffers because this software has become broken. It would be ok if there were even just a command line to start and stop the web publishing but as it is we are potentially looking at FMSA10 becoming unusable.

Please correct me if there is a fix for this that I simply have not found.