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    Broken links to data



      Broken links to data

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      While trying to download a database from the server I changed the name, not realizing that this would break the database and make the existing records unreachable.  I have tried changing the name back with no luck.  Any ideas on how to recover that data?

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          Do you have back up copies of your files? The best defense against database disasters is numerous sequential back up copies...

          If you don't have back up copies of your file, what "name" did you change? the name of a file?

          This sounds like you have more than one file with external data source referencees. If so, you can open Manage | external data sources to see what data source references are used to link the file to other Filemaker files. You should be able to either analyze the data source reference in order to correctly reverse the name change or edit the reference to use the new.

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            No, all of the data was internal - a simple form for people to enter information and a lookup from another internal data set.  No links going out of the database...

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              Then what "name" change are you describing here that broke your links?

              This sounds like a classic case of why linking tables by a name field is not the best database design option.

              Do you have a backup copy of your file?

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                I changed the name of the FileMaker database by right-clicking in Windows explorer.  I can't get the problem to replicate so there may be something else I did.  No, no back-up.  I was trying to manually create one when I found the problem.

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                  Changing the name of a database file will affect:

                  External data source references in other files that access this file. (we've ruled this out, I believe.)

                  The name of the window that opens when you first open the database unless a script specifically renames the window.

                  References to certain items via design functions such as ValueListItems, unless you have used Get ( FileName ) to ensure that changing the file name does not "break" the value returned by the function.

                  This last situation, may provide you with a clue on where to look and how to prevent this issue from recurring.