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    Browser Printing Issues



      Browser Printing Issues

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      I have problems with printing IWP forms on Firfox or Chrome.

      Many of my DBs are used in IWP and they present a layout optimized for printing. Generally Safari and IE do a good job. In Firefox the forms look fine, but it won't print a second page. So if the form extends beyond 1 page, the remaider is lost. In Chrome, unless the form is very, very narrow, it will print with a second false frame.

      IE printouts tend to be more expansive than Safari. So for a form to work on IE it has to be narrower and the page has to end earlier. To make a form work for both Safari and IE I therefore build in more whitespace between page 1 & 2. Each page thereafter the problem gets worse so if there are more than 3 pages it is impractical to use the same form on Safari & IE, forcing one to create separate forms optimized for each browser and then testing whether the client is a Mac or PC before selecting the form.

      Has anyone found a way to determine which browser is being used?

      Is there anything in the works to correct the printing anomalies in Firefox and Chrome?

      For the record I use FM 11.0v2 Adv for authoring and FM 11 Server Advanced for hosting.

      Thanks, John Dougherty