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           Hi Everyone,

           This is my first time using the forum to ask a question since i usually find my answers with a search. I am creating an Appointment/Accounting Database on Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced. Part of my appointment booking i created a week view and day view using PhilModJunk sample calendar (Thank you Phil!). just a few simple questions if answered would be much appreciated.

           1. The Tab Control is set up to view the week (ex: sun,mon,tues etc...)and within each tab is a portal relating to the details of each appointment. however after setting up 1 tab with all the days of the week i am noticing that the rows repeating at the bottom are identical until it finishes the month, how should i get rid of that

           2. What would be a good script to put in to only view this week and then select back or forward arrows to go to a different week

           3. i would like to create a report that allows the user to chose a custom date range how would i go about that

           Please let me know if more detailed information is needed.

           Thank you,

           Batsheva Franco


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               BTW, you have posted a question in the FM server forum that appears to have nothing to do with FileMaker Server.

               1. Since there is no tab control in my original demo file, you'll need to describe the design of this layout, the tab control and exactly what you mean by "rows repeating at the bottom".

               2. In the original demo file, each week is a different record. You could switch to form view and then simply use buttons that flip you forward and back one record at a time. The additional detail, that you'll need to deal with is the need to create a new record with the correct date when you move forward or back to a week record that has not previously been created.

               3. Finds with a specified date range are pretty straight forward to script: Scripted Find Examples

               But exactly what the client needs to do once they have specified such a range is missing from your post and that could make a big difference in how you set this up. The above link contains a scripted find example you can adapt to search out a set of events records falling within a user specified range of dates. But a different approach would be needed if you wanted to pull up a Calendar grid that spanned a range of dates as that may require creating additional records to fit the date range.

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                 I'm sorry for have posting this in the wrong place on the forum. Thanks for your response Phil.

                 1. The Tab control is as follows

                 The Week will show at the top (ex: 1/19/14)

                 then there are 7 tabs Sun,Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat. under each tab is a portal pulling appointments for the day of the week - just like you have in your calendar. so my question was since you had a full month on you calendar and i copied the scripts and formulas like you had its just bringing me down the layout i created until it goes through all the weeks for the specific month. what would be the correct way to write this that i only see a week and no more?


                 3. I would like to have a drop down calendar that "from" and "through" range that will allow the user to pull up specific information based on dates entered, how can i do that?

                 Thanks for all your help


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                   1) As previously stated, the main change is to not use list view so that you only see one week at a time. You might modify your script to only create a single Week record if it does not already exist or you could create the entire month and have the script select the desired week as your current record.

                   You might even just modify the value of the First Day of the week date field instead of creating and deleting records to do this. You might even be able to set up a drop down list of dates and use little or no scripting to do that.

                   3) That part I understood from your original post. But in what format do you want to present these results? If you use a list view type report based on the Events table, this is very simple to set up and the scripted find examples I directed you to can be used quite readily. But if you want to show this in your tab control, this becomes much more complex.