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Question asked by bfranco100 on Jan 13, 2014
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     Hi Everyone,

     This is my first time using the forum to ask a question since i usually find my answers with a search. I am creating an Appointment/Accounting Database on Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced. Part of my appointment booking i created a week view and day view using PhilModJunk sample calendar (Thank you Phil!). just a few simple questions if answered would be much appreciated.

     1. The Tab Control is set up to view the week (ex: sun,mon,tues etc...)and within each tab is a portal relating to the details of each appointment. however after setting up 1 tab with all the days of the week i am noticing that the rows repeating at the bottom are identical until it finishes the month, how should i get rid of that

     2. What would be a good script to put in to only view this week and then select back or forward arrows to go to a different week

     3. i would like to create a report that allows the user to chose a custom date range how would i go about that

     Please let me know if more detailed information is needed.

     Thank you,

     Batsheva Franco