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can 2 FM Server Adv share data via IWP

Question asked by jsutherlin on May 1, 2009
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can 2 FM Server Adv share data via IWP

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I have 2 locations each with their own FM Pro Server Adv. The servers share data between each other without any issues but there is now a need to have that shared data show up in IWP sessions. To test this I created a relationship between a database on each of the servers, created a layout to show the related data and published it out to the web via IWP. The related data shows up fine when viewing the data in FM Pro but I only see blank fields where the related data should be in the IWP session. I can't find anything in the documentation that says this is not supported. Anyone have any ideas on this. I'm running FM Pro Server Advanced 10 on Windows 2003 Standard Server at both locations. Thanks.