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    Can Filemaker {Pro/Server/Go} Do this?



      Can Filemaker {Pro/Server/Go} Do this?

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      Hi all,

      this really is a noob question, but as the forum ruies clearly state there's no such thing as a stupid question, I'll persist. I should add that I've looked through the Filemaker website and have googled extensively, but can't find an answer.




      What I would like to do is create a Filemaker-created app (distributable via iTunes) to run on iPads, which will populate a database which is held exclusivley on the client, and publish extracts from the database (reports) onto a purpose-built, Wordpress-driven website, accessable exclusively by the app owner. It would also be ideal to backup the database via iCloud or Dropbox.

      Can Filemaker create such standalone apps? Could someone point me in the direction of one that I can have a look at? And if it can't, could you suggest an alternative technology?

      Anf if this is possible, could you also let me know which Filemaker products I'll need. I'm assuming it's a sort of Filemaker Go for the client, but am not sure whether it's Advanced/Pro/Server I need.

      I should add that I don't think Bento will suffice, as I need to pull XML data in from external sources.


      Many thanks and best wishes,


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          FileMaker Advanced can generate runtime solutions but they can't be distributed via the apple store.

          FMGO is free and and can run FMP database files on iPads and iPhones, but it is my understanding that you can't use the Apple Store at this time to distribute them. I'm going from posts on this I've seen in the FM Go forum here.

          You'd need to set up a different means of distribution of your solution.

          I think you also need to explain this part in more detail:

          ...and publish extracts from the database (reports) onto a purpose-built, Wordpress-driven website, accessable exclusively by the app owner.

          Why "word press"?

          Is this an existing web site or one you intend to create?

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            Thanks for clearing this up. I'm sure there are good reasons for it, but it does seem a bit odd that Apple haven't created a mechanism for app-ifying Filemaker apps.

            Regarding the bit you ask for more clarification:

            ...basically there will be bits of the database which will be extracted to produce reports (which will be able to be exported in the usual ways), as well as being uploaded to a user's website, which we will create. The app is going to capture data to support learning for student nurses, and the reports and associated website will form a part of their body of knowledge that can be used to support their degree.

            The reason I'm thinking Wordpress is that it'll be easy to create Wordpress Multi-site sites, and to offer users blogging and all the standard functions. But this is by no means set in stone!

            Hope it makes a bit more sense.

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              Filemaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced can be used to "publish" the database to the web. Once so published, users can use a web browser to access the data. No cloud, no special apps other than a web browser needed for each client.

              FileMaker Server can use a method called custom web publishing. Filemaker Server Advanced can also do Instant Web Publishing. And there are hosting companies that will host your FileMaker database for you for a fee.

              Thus, you may be able to do the whole process in FileMaker or use FileMaker to generate HTML or XML pages of data to be incorporated in another web site.

              There are a lot of details I can't give you on this, but you may now be able to research some of these concepts more fully to see if they will work for you.

              FileMaker Pro can support both custom and instant web publishing, but only for a small number of users at a time. But you can download a 30 day free trial of the software and use it to explore and evaluate your options more fully.

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                Yeah, thanks again for this, Phil. The difficulty I'm seeing with my model is that each user has their own distinct database. I'm beginning to think it may not be the right tool for the job. I certainly need to do some more reading and research.


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                  And why would they need their "own distinct database"? What would be different with each? If the difference is that each user has their own set of records, security settings on the hosted database can be used to limit each user's access so that the only records they see are those the security settings permit them to see. This then allows multiple users to access the same hosted database, but only have access to a specified sub set of all the records in the database.

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                    Yep, I realised that as soon as I posted my last comment! Gonna take the manuals to bed tonight and do some thorough reading regarding FM's web publishing capabilities.

                    Cheers for your patience!