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Can Filemaker {Pro/Server/Go} Do this?

Question asked by JamesChard on Aug 27, 2012
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Can Filemaker {Pro/Server/Go} Do this?

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Hi all,

this really is a noob question, but as the forum ruies clearly state there's no such thing as a stupid question, I'll persist. I should add that I've looked through the Filemaker website and have googled extensively, but can't find an answer.




What I would like to do is create a Filemaker-created app (distributable via iTunes) to run on iPads, which will populate a database which is held exclusivley on the client, and publish extracts from the database (reports) onto a purpose-built, Wordpress-driven website, accessable exclusively by the app owner. It would also be ideal to backup the database via iCloud or Dropbox.

Can Filemaker create such standalone apps? Could someone point me in the direction of one that I can have a look at? And if it can't, could you suggest an alternative technology?

Anf if this is possible, could you also let me know which Filemaker products I'll need. I'm assuming it's a sort of Filemaker Go for the client, but am not sure whether it's Advanced/Pro/Server I need.

I should add that I don't think Bento will suffice, as I need to pull XML data in from external sources.


Many thanks and best wishes,