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    Can I improve speed using FM Server with a slow internet connection?



      Can I improve speed using FM Server with a slow internet connection?

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      I'd like to share my database over the internet with colleagues. Multiple tables , with multiple references, including sum-fields summarizing quantities from other tables (all within the same file).

      Within the company network there is no problem, when sharing over the internet scrolling through lists with these sum fields is extremely slow.

      I made a test with FM Server, instead of just a client with sharing on: still over the internet it remains very slow.

      It seems as if the date needed to calculate the sum fields is first sent to the client, and then calculated locally. Shouldn't do FM Server this calculation work first and send just the results to the client?


      FM client and server 10


      With just three to four clients in mind I wouldn't need to buy FM Server if this doesn't work...


      best regards Frank Bachmann

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          FileMaker Network Sharing is very sensitive to network latency, which is the time it takes a request to get from one end to the other of your connection.  Things like summary fields, unstored calculations, lots of portals, etc. tend to run slower when going out over a WAN like the internet vs. running on a local LAN.


          Note the quality of your network connection will hence greatly impact your performance.  You may want to test out a FileMaker hosting provider, like ourselves, who generally have better network connections (our connections are second to none), which may improve your performance:




          Our accounts include a 30 day trial, whereby if you cancel for any reason within the first 30 days you owe nothing.  So, signing up for an account and trying it out for a month is a risk-free proposition.


          Otherwise, I would recommend minimizing your usage of the aforementioned features as much as possible if you'll be running over the internet.


          - John