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Can't access locally hosted FMS database on virtual server using FM Pro (but can remotely as well as...

Question asked by Andrew on Feb 17, 2011
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Can't access locally hosted FMS database on virtual server using FM Pro (but can remotely as well as locally via FMA)

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I am running FMS11 (Development copy from TechNet) on a Rackspace Cloud (Virtual) Server (which I call VC) which is running Windows Server and can access the files on my desktop via Open Remote as well as on the virtual server itself via FMA11. I am interested in eventually being able to run FMPro11 at the same time on VC for when I want to run a find or script that takes a long time when hosted remotely. In the FMS Server Console, the database in the Databases window says Status Normal and has Pro and ODBC/JDBC checked. However, when I run FM Pro11 (with or without FMA11 running on the VC) on the VC and try to Open Remote, I get an error when trying to open the file. I tried turning off all my firewalls temporarily and then I don't even see the file listed in Open Remote when the server is selected. I have also been told not to try to open the file that the server (c:\program files\filemaker\filemake server\data\databases\filename.fp7) is using as this may lead to file corruption when other users are trying to access. When I tried, I recieved the following error:
"xxx.fp7" is currently in use and coud not be opened. If the file is shared, you can use the Open Remote command to open...)
I tried Filemaker Support and they gave me some suggestions but said that this is not supported as FMS requires a dedicated server and FM Pro conflicts with some of the services but this should work if I play with it. Any suggestions? When I try typing the filename into the fmnet line in Open Remote, I also get the error message:
The file "xxx" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host. 
It would be nice for me as a user to run FMPro on the VC while my developer is also running FMA on the VC as the performance is much better to run on the VC because FMS is also running on it. Any suggestions? Is this possible? I have 2 FMA licenses and 3 FM Pro licenses. I realize that I could run FMPro or FMA on another Virtual Server and get good performance but the costs for another Virtual Server may be too much to bear so I am hoping to find another solution if possible