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Can't close databases.

Question asked by V on Aug 6, 2009
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Can't close databases.

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Good afternoon everyone,


I have FMS10A installed, w/ web publishing on a 2k3 server.

For some reason I cannot close, remove or upload databases.  I have a few that were uploaded during the install of the server, or perhaps immediately thereafter, but I've been trying to upload new ones to no avail.  


Lets start with the simplest (I hope), closing a database.

When I load the console and to go databases, I highlight a database, open the dropdown, select close and hit perform action.  And then.... nothing.  No flicker in the cursor/mouse, no errors, no nothing.  I am assuming that the remove database cannot be done because I cannot stop the database..... 


Next, uploading additional databases.  When I try to upload additional databases, a dialog box pops that reads 'checking file configuration' and then grinds for a minute or so.  THen I get the error:

"One or more of your destination folders does not have enough space for the specified upload or it does not exist."


Any ideas?