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Can't connect FM Pro 12 to FM Server 12

Question asked by SR_1 on Dec 5, 2013
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Can't connect FM Pro 12 to FM Server 12

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     I've set up a FileMaker 12 Server (Version on a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine. I'm trying to connect a FileMaker Pro 12 Client (Version 12.0v4 (03-21-2013)) running Windows over the local network to that server. I can't connect to the Server with Open Remote File -> View LocalHosts or if I enter the IP adress in Favorite Hosts it doesn't show any Files. I also can't connect to the Admin Console at http://IP-ADRESS:16000 from the client.

     The Windows 7 Ultimate is a fresh install, though I activated several Windows-Features at ControlPanel -> Program and Features -> activate Windows Features

     My server is configured with the following:

     - Web-Server - PHP deactivated
     - Web Publishing Engine - IWP deactivated
     -                                             - XML activated
     - Database Server - deactivated

     I didn't configure the Directory Service because it couldn't get it working.

     In the Database Server Settings under the Security tab I've activated FileMaker and external server accounts and List all databases. SSL isn't checked.

     I've opened the following ports at my router

     1 TCP&UDP 80
     2 TCP 5003
     3 TCP 16001
     4 TCP 16020
     5 TCP 16000
     6 TCP 16004
     7 TCP&UDP 389
     for the static IP adress of for my FM 12 Server. There is a firewall running on my router (deactivating didn't help). The router is also running at a static IP because I want to sync several FileMaker 12 Go clients later.
     I've activated fmapp - Access via FileMaker Network for all accounts at my FileMaker Pro file and uploaded it to the Server.
     I can ping the IP-adress succesfully and access shared folders. I've also changed the Workgroup for both machines to Workgroup. Bonjeur is installed on both machines. The system date is correct and equal on both machines. The Server is also running Java Standart Edition Version 7 Update 45. I've reinstalled FileMaker 12 Server but that didn't help either.
     Is there anything else I can do or check?
     Thanks in advance,