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    Can't connect to IWP



      Can't connect to IWP

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      We are running FM Server on a Windows server. The remote database publishing works fine, but when we try to connect via IWP in a web browser, the browser tries to DOWNLOAD the page rather than display it.

      So I'll go to this address:

      And I get a dialog box saying:
      "You have chosen to open iwp which is a: application/x-msdownload"

      This happens in multiple browsers, and in multiple OS, leading me to believe that the problem is with the server.


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          Are you using FM Server or FM Server Advanced?


          I believe you need Advanced for IWP to work.

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            Thanks for the response. We are running Server Advanced. Sorry for not mentioning that in my last post.


            From doing a little research it seems like this is a problem with IIS not pushing the right MIME type for the Filemaker web page, so a client's browser sees "iwp" as an unknown file type & tries to download it. Wierd.

            I tried adding MIME types to the IIS server configuration, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem.


            This is the first time I'm using a Windows based server for Filemaker. For my taste, seems like IIS is not as user-friendly as Apache.