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Can't install server 11.0.4 on Lion

Question asked by JedV on Jan 22, 2012


Can't install server 11.0.4 on Lion

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OS 10.7.2, FMS, Java 1.6.0_29-b11-402

Installation seems to go okay, the prelaunch web page comes up with the message to wait while the Admin Server starts, but it never does and finally shows the error that the Admin Console Start page is not available.

Safari's activity window shows that this failed: http://localhost:16000/?page=test&install=single

Checking the Console, I can see that the "Admin Server process has terminated abnormally". It then tries to start it up again but it keeps failing, retrying, failing, retrying.

Doing fmsadmin RESTART ADMINSERVER from the terminal seems to work – it asks for confirmation, hangs, and then returns to prompt, but the Console shows the same fail and retry. There are never any java processes owned by fmsadmin.

I tried turning off the firewall, restarting the computer, messing with Java settings (changing order of 1.6.0_29-b11-402 32-bit and 64-bit, enabled applet and web start, etc.), and other tweaks I could think of. Nothing works.

I'm trying to withhold my comments about what a pain in the ass FileMaker Server is every time I've had to install or reinstall or upgrade, but I guess I just failed. Can someone please help before I go through the painful process of exporting all our data from FMP databases and leaving FileMaker behind forever?