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Can't login to FMS database on new Mac, other Macs can

Question asked by gnat on Mar 8, 2011
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Can't login to FMS database on new Mac, other Macs can

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I've found some previous posts regarding this, but still can't solve the problem.  Please bear with me as I'm not fluent with the terminology here and there.

The server is FMS, running on a Mac-mini OS 10.5  I'm trying to access the server using FMP 9.ov3, running on an iMac with OS 10.6.  I just set up this new iMac, installed FMP 9.  When I go into Open Remote File dialog box, it sees the host "host-name-here(192.168...etc)".  When I click on this, nothing appears in the Available Files box. 

I should say that 5 other Mac computers, even an older G4 iMac, all can access the host as well as the database files, which appear in the Available Files box.

On this iMac that can't log on, in FileMaker Network Settings dialog box, I have Network Sharing turned on.

I read about a server.pem file that can be the culprit for such problems, either missing or corrupted, but it seemed limited to Windows. I searched for such a file on other Macs that are connecting to the database and found no such file.

Please help me troubleshoot this. Thanks.