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Can't open database in Filemaker Server 11 Advanced

Question asked by KarstenRisseeuw on Aug 2, 2010
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Can't open database in Filemaker Server 11 Advanced

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I have problems opening databases in Filemaker Server 11. This problem is new as it worked perfect until last week. I have read through all posts I could find on the topic, but none of the suggestions worked so far.

Configuration: XServe, MacOSX 10.6, Filemaker Server Advanced 11

Problems occured after remotely installing an update for the XServe. The machine could not restart properly. I had to restart several times, after which the XServe was working normal again. However, the FM Server application did not properly work any longer. All databases were closed and could not be opened.

I deinstalled FMServer, then reinstalled. Installation was smooth. Ports were still open.

When re-adding databases using the upload helper application, the databases appeared in the list, but all with an error message, telling that the database could not be opened. This counts for all files. Sharing for all files has been activated for all users. File access is for fmsadmin, fmserver and everyone (both read&write). Nevertheless no file can be opened on the server through the Admin Console.

Any idea how this can be solved?