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Can't Open file in FMSA12 via Windows batch file

Question asked by RobertPonzo on Apr 19, 2012


Can't Open file in FMSA12 via Windows batch file

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I run my Filemaker environment in Citrix. In Filemaker 11 I am able to have the user connect thru Citrix and click an icon to launch a windows batch file that starts the FMPro client and open the FMSA-11 database. The batch file contained 2 lines:

cd:\c:\Program Files (x86)\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro 11\   <-- point use to correct folder to run FMP client

"Filemaker Pro.exe" fmnet:/           <--- launched client and opened test file on FMSA at the address defined

                                                                                           and presents log-in dialog.


I was even able to get several of the databases (each in its own folder on the server) to automatically log-in via external authentication in WIndows AD. This has been running without issue for a couple of years.


I am migrating my databases and testing v12 to a FMSA12 development box and having an issue. The client launches fine but it will not automatically open the server file. The Open New of Existing File dialog comes up instead of the action from FM11 which opened the file and presented the log-in dialog box.

I was given a hint at a FM User group meeting the other night to replace  'fmnet' with' fmp' which still will not work in version 12. The batch file now reads:

cd:\Program Files (x86)\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro 12\

"Filemaker Pro.exe" fmp:/  <-- notice I changed the IP to the FMSA dev box


Any direction or suggestion would be much appreciated

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