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Can't print to PDF

Question asked by micinfo on Aug 5, 2009
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Can't print to PDF

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FMPA 8.5v2, Mac Mini C2D (2 GHz), OS 10.5.7.


I am suddenly unable to print to (or Preview) pdf format. Obviously a file inadvertently either became corrupt or was deleted. I have no problem printing to pdf or previewing the pdf format using any other application on my computer. ONLY the FMPA app lost that functionality. 


I've read that it might be possible to do get that functionality back by creating a new account, which is a silly solution. I've also read it could be a corrupt FONT file, but I've tried all the workarounds of separately screening the two "Library > Fonts" folders (in the main HD and user domains).


Obviously, by creating a new user, some relevant files are created for that new user that are not functioning properly in my current user domain. I "simply" need to replace those files in my current user domain. I know of nothing I've done that could have damaged or deleted the relevant files such that only FMPA has lost that function and no other app.


PLEASE HELP! It will be MUCH appreciated.