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Can't see PDF in container field Filemaker Pro 12.0v3

Question asked by tschultz on Mar 4, 2013


Can't see PDF in container field Filemaker Pro 12.0v3

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     I'm in the process of transfering pdf files that used to be hosted on one person's local hard drive to external containers that I want to store on a Mac Mini that's acting as a server (OS 10.7.5).

     I followed the instructions for setting the fields up for external storage and got a message that the contents had been successfully transferred. I did not use the "Store as Reference" option when I inserted the files.

     I can log into the database remotely from my iPod Touch and I see the image of the pdf file in the container (although I can't view it...I get an error).

     When I have the database opened remotely from my laptop (MacBook Pro running OS10.7.5), I can't see the contents at all. I believe that the contents are there because I get a reload prompt when I right-click (versus the opportunity to insert a file). I can also find the files on the server machine. When the database is opened locally from the server, all files still show as pdfs that play automatically. As soon as I access from the internet via our router, the pdfs no longer play.

     I tried both open and secure file handling and the effect is the same--no pdfs playing. Someone suggested that this is an issue with the default pdf viewer setting on my browser. I've played with that a bit on a trial and error basis, but it's not had an impact on the results.

     What am I missing?