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    Can't stop server



      Can't stop server

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      I'm running FMSA 10v? on a Win Small Business Server.  Today I realized that my scheduled backups weren't working and I decided to install FMSA 11 to see if that fixed what is a know issue.  But I can't shut down the server and I don't know what to do.  Any quick advice would be appreciated. 




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          Make sure everyone one has logged off (You don't want filemaker writing to disk when you do this) and restart the computer.

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            I eventually gave up.  I couldn't even disconnect the clients, whose computers were all off, from the admin console. I couldn't stop the service.  I will have to leave this to greater minds than mine.  I crashed out with Task Manager, and got everything up and running again in 10, but I'll wait until tomorrow to install 11 when I can get some help.


            Thanks for responding.




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              This is a known issue that filemaker techs have had great trouble replicating. It appears that the server admin application locks up on a scheduled back up and never shows it as having completed. Once that happens, you can no longer get it to accurately display client status no will any other scheduled backups run.


              You can still make sure each client is logged off, but you have to go to each machine and verify it as Server Admin won't update in this state.


              Filemaker claims that Server 11 has fixed "90%" of these problems but some FMS 11 users report that they still have this issue.

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                I saved this from a previous message here, it has served me well.


                Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are still investigating why the Admin Console is going "deaf", and no additional information is available at this time.
                Use cd to get to the folder:
                C:\program files\filemaker\filemaker server\database server
                To close your database files, go to the Command Line and enter:
                fmsadmin close
                This will close all database files.
                fmsadmin stop server
                This will stop the server.  You can then reboot.
                FileMaker, Inc.


                I have also found that my server (Win2003) was running the MacAfee Anti-Virus services. I frequently had problems getting the FMS service to stop with the AV service running. I have since stopped the AV service, and set it to manual so it won't restart when I reboot, and I find I can close the files being served and stop the FMS service every time using the instructions above. Stopping the AV service did not prevent the console from going deaf, nor did it stop it from occasionally failing to make backups, but when either happens I can correct it faster with no data risk.



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                  Thank you


                  I have the same problem, I try to stop the server, with the admin console, or the window service, it try to close, it's very long then I get the error message it won't close delay expirer, but the service is stoped in the list, and I can't restart it, I also try to close the Bonjour service, need to stop the FMServer service (heee it's already stoped?!?!) anyway it's stuck there. So I go kill the 3 task in the task manger and then I can restart the FM Server Service.


                  The Admin consol show back up and server script hang up and they get stuck there for ever. Try to kill the connection, send message.... it's not working for all the user, they don't receive any message.


                  next time I will try the commande line option...


                  By the way... FM is releasing a FMS11 to fix problem of a fully paid FMS10 and ask us to pay for the upgrade to fix bug issues ?!?! WHAT !!! did I heard that correctly where is the patch for FMS10v4... v5... or what ever is the version they need to fix it....