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    Can't use External SQL Sources (ESS) with Vista??



      Can't use External SQL Sources (ESS) with Vista??

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      We've got FM Server running on Mac OS X 10.4.11 and being accessed by Windows and Mac FMPro 9.x clients.  We also have a remotely hosted SQL Server database that we access through ESS and the Actual Technologies Driver.


      The problem I am having is when I open up the served file from a remote client running FMPro 9 on Windows Vista.  When I try to access a layout that uses the SQL data, I get a dialog box prompting me for username and password.  Entering the correct info does nothing.  Viewing the relationships graph shows all the shadow tables displaying <data missing>.  Trying to Sync a shadow table prompts for user/pw again, and again does nothing when I enter the correct info.  All the native tables, data and layouts work fine otherwise.


      Multiple other clients using FMPro 9.x on Win XP and Mac OS X work just fine.  Is there some sort compatability issue with Vista and ESS?