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    Cannot access the Upload database etc Screen.



      Cannot access the Upload database etc Screen.

      Your post

           I had to reinstall FM Server 12  64 bits (Windows8.1) and disabled the Firewall and Virus, then I cleaned/deleted

           the earlier -working good- FM Server 12 v04. after that I get popup like ,see upload image.PNG,

           The funny thing is that FM-starting screen-,remote- I do get the FMServer_Sample under the default.

           ComputerName ODBC 64bits was also installed.

           Java was properly installed, and the Prelaunch page.single,en .html not working good.

           What could be the problem ?




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          Win Rippen:

               Thank you for the post.


          Software Update: FileMaker Server 12.0v5 and FileMaker Server 12.0v5 Advanced


               The FileMaker Server 12.0v5 (Advanced) update was released to resolve this issue. More from the article linked above:


               "The FileMaker Server 12.0.5 update uses the JAR manifest file attributes introduced by Java Runtime Environment 7, update 45 (JRE 7u45). The FileMaker Server 12.0.5 update adds the permissions attribute consistent with Oracle’s security recommendations.


               Without this update, FileMaker Server administrators will see the following warning message when opening FileMaker Server Admin Console or the Deployment assistant: "This application will be blocked in a future java security update because the jar file manifest doesn't contain the permissions attribute. Please contact the publisher for more information.""



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