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    Cannot connect client to any servers



      Cannot connect client to any servers

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      We are having an issue with connecting FileMaker Pro 11 clients to FileMaker Server 11 installations. We have 4 users with FileMaker Pro installed on their machines (3 on XP, 1 on Vista). Two of the users are able to connect the client to the server, and 2 are not.

      1.) I am able to connect to the server admin console via http://[ip address]:16000/admin_console_webstart.jnlp so I know the server is up and running and I can reach it.

      2.) When I start my FMP client, I select Open Remote and try to connect to the sample database via fmnet:/[ip address]/FMServer_Sample but cannot connect.

      3.) I installed a 2nd version of FMS 11 on my local network and was met with the same issue.

      3.) The correct ports are open on the server (specifically 5003 is open)

      4.) Windows firewall is disabled on the client machine as is TCP_IPv6.

      I think it's some networking setting, but I can't figure out which one. Both of us that cannot connect to the server also get the "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer" error when we open the database locally. Other users that can connect do not get that error on locally opening the database. (and there is not another version of filemaker running on the PC).

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          Adam Zeckel:

          Thank you for posting.

          Are all of the clients on the same subnet? Do the two affected clients have any firewalls or network security software that could be blocking outgoing connections? If you share a file using FileMaker Pro can the other clients connect to it?

          This behaviour could indicate in issue with the server.pem file located right in the FileMaker Pro installation directory. Do these files exist on each client and appear to be about 6-8 KB in size? If this is not the case on some of the clients, it may be possible to use the server.pem from the clients that can connect.

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            server.pem is dead on ... the server.pem file did not exist. I found another thread on here where someone linked a self-extracting version of both .pem files which I downloaded and then was able to connect.

            Any idea why the server.pem file does not install on some PCs? I have uninstalled/reinstalled FMP at least twice without it installing on this PC. We need to push this solution out to 5-10 more users, so if we can avoid having to double check that the server.pem file installs, it will save a lot of frustration.