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Cannot connect to FM Server advanced 11 with User

Question asked by madmorris on May 26, 2010
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Cannot connect to FM Server advanced 11 with User & Password (web)

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Hi everybody

We have a big problem with our FM Server Advanced 11.


- IWP Works correctly

- Remote Connection with FM Client works Correctly


Our problem:

The Connection with the FM Server Site Assistant works ONLY when GUEST Account is active.

We already made the right settings for the WEB account. There is always a error message:

Incorrect username or password.


We have a second server with FM Server advance 8. the PHP-website works fine.

but when we clone the PHP site to the new server (FM11) it gives me the following error in the URL:


You can test it with this URL:


When we set de Privilige to GUEST active... all works fine.


Do you know this problem?


Greetings from Switzerland