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Cannot connect to IWP externally

Question asked by CrazyIvan on Dec 23, 2009
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Cannot connect to IWP externally

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Hello all,


First post here. My problem is that I can connect to my IWP database internally using but when I attempt to use the same URL outside of my internal network I cannot connect. I am utilizing th latest version of Filemaker Server Advanced on a Mac Mini utilizing the latest version of the Mac OS (I have updated the OS). I currently have the firewall on this system disabled and have the Web Server enabled (not sure if that is necessary). My assumption is that the default port being used is: 80, which is wide open on my network firewall (I have several sites hosted on a Windows system that work just fine on this port). I also have the local IP for this machine, which is static, mapped to a public IP and a FQDN through my host.


I have another system that is running Windows XP Pro SP3 utilizing the latest version of Filemaker Pro hosting a "test" database with the same information. I can access this database only on that machine, I can't even get the database through IWP to show on another machine on the same network, however, the page at least half loads unlike what is occuring on the Mac through an external network. I hope what I have typed isn't that confusing, please help!! Thanks!