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Cannot disconnect clients on FM Server 11

Question asked by 0614775139 on Jan 17, 2012


Cannot disconnect clients on FM Server 11

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It's been reported many times before but no solution.  

Every few days or weeks I have clients that abnormally disconnect from the server but the server thinks they are still there. Eventually all the client licences are consumed until it lets no-one connect in. At this point I have to Quit the FMserver service altogether.

I cannot close the files, it just sits there forever "closing", I cannot disconnect the client's, the log says they have been disconnected but they are still there in the Admin console. I have tried using the command line fmsadmin to disconnect clients. I have waited over 24 hours but they are still there.

The only thing I can do is backup the files, so I back them up, Crash the server by killing the service, restart and restore the backup files.

When I look at the statistics of the ghost clients they all have one "In Progress" call and huge elapsed times like 14999146. So it seems like the in progress call is the problem, surely this should timeout?

It just makes no sense to me. When the server sends a command to the client to disconnect, and the client does not respond it should just disconnect them after a certain timeout, but it appears to just sit there and wait for an acknowledgement of some sort which it never gets because the client disappeared days ago........


I am running FM Server 11 Advanced on windows server 2003 sp2 but this has been reported on Mac os in these forums as well. other related posts:

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