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Cannot get SSO working on Windows XP SP3

Question asked by JasperStoodley on Nov 10, 2010
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Cannot get SSO working on Windows XP SP3

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I cannot get SSO to work properly on our FileMaker Pro 11v2 clients running Windows XP (SP3) that connect to a variety of remote databases on my FileMaker 11v2 Advanced Server (running Windows 2003 Std).

The problem is that despite having an SSO setup, the end user is prompted twice for their username/password before they can access any given database. With FileMaker Pro 11 clients on Window 7 Pro, the SSO works just fine, so I believe that rules out my server-side setup.

Background Info:

In the FileMaker Server Admin Console, I have the “List only the databases each user is authorized to access” option selected under “File Display Filter” under the Database Server > Security tab.

The environment is a university with a large Windows active directory and I am using the university-wide domain controllers for authentication. All my servers and desktops are members of the same domain.

FileMaker Pro 10 clients are also affected by the same issue.

I also had this problem with FileMaker Server Advanced version 10 and was hoping upgrading to 11 would fix the issue.

FileMaker Server event log reports:
Information 730
Client "username (source-computer-name) [source-computer-ip]" single sign-on authentication failed on database "XXXX.fp7" using "username [fmapp]".

The problem is best described by KB article answer id 6938 but it doesn't appear to apply to versions 10 or 11 -