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    Cannot get WebDirect to work



      Cannot get WebDirect to work

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      I am at my wits end - please help!

      I have checked System Requirements over and over - I am running a Mac OS 10.9.5 server, and I've hosted a file on it through FileMaker Server 13.0.5 with which I'd like to use WebDirect.  I have the file set up, all ready to go, I can log in to it with FileMaker Pro from a client, but I can't log in with WebDirect.

      Under web publishing, I have checked the boxes to enable PHP, XML and also WebDirect, and while the boxes are checked, the status page reports that these services are disabled.  Please help!  I am using a single server, but I have checked system requirements and I should be fine for 1-6 connections - I've got a 3.33GHz 6-core Intel Xeon processor and 32 GB RAM.

      If I can't get this to work I will have to start over from scratch on a new way of completing this project - please help!  The Mac OSX web server service is currently off, but I've tried this with it on too.

      I've attached a picture of what my admin console page looks like.  Also - I've noticed that my admin console is using port 16001 instead of 16000 - could that be a problem?  I'm not sure how to change it...



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          Martha Mcmahon: 


          Thank you for the post. 


          “The Mac OSX web server service is currently off, but I've tried this with it on too.”


          Does this mean the Mac OS X Server.app is installed? 


          Please note: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is a tested operating system, but Mavericks with the Server.app is not tested.


          System Requirements for FileMaker Server 13


          As a test, if you uninstall the Mac OS X Server.app and uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Server 13, then does this still occur?


          A similar issue was reported in the following thread:


          Can I have FMS web server and Mac Server both serving web pages?



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            Hi there,

            Thank you so much for the response - I unfortunately cannot uninstall the Server.app because it is configuring and running DHCP and DNS... I have figured out a work around (not going to user WebDirect for now, going to just build a web page and publish it with the information I need - it would have just been easier for it to come straight from the database so that I would have to worry about updating in two places), and I'll just revisit this over the summer when I can reconfigure and possibly move services from one machine to another - can't do it in the middle of the school year when there are too many folks using and depending on the servers involved...


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              Just something to check... Do your privilege set(s) within the hosted FM databases have the "Access via FileMaker WebDirect" Extended Privilege checked in File > Manage > Security?


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                Server App has some conflicts with the FM Web Engine. It is not recommended to have both running. If you need both, get another machine for one or the other. A few people have creatively managed to get their unique installs running both on the same machine but it is not normal to do so.