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Cannot login using IWP

Question asked by Drone8 on May 19, 2010


Cannot login using IWP

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I installed Filemaker Server 11 Advanced on a server (Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition) that is already hosting my institute's Intranet. The deployment seems to have gone well; it successfully connected to the IIS web server and IWP is turned on. The database is uploaded and its status is Normal.

When trying to access the database through a browser from any machine on our network, I can get as far as the login screen after selecting the database from the Instant Web Publishing homepage. However, after entering the account name and password, I get the following error message:

"The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file. Please try again."

If I enable anonymous access in the Directory Security tab for the default website in the IIS manager, I am able to login successfully through Instant Web Publishing, but this leaves my entire Intranet unsecured.

Is there a way to use Instant Web Publishing and not enable anonymous access for the rest of my Intranet?